Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a Merlot and a Cabernet?

Cabernet is a drier and more full-bodied wine, and is best with a heavier meal, such as a roast or steak. Merlot is good with pasta and other lighter fares, or can be consumed by itself.

What is your senior discount policy?

King Cork offers a 10% senior citizen discount (60 years and older) every Wednesday. In addition, we allow seniors to also take advantage of the everyday 10% wine case discount on top of of their senior discount. There are a few exceptions, though. See store for details. Cases can be mixed and matched.

What is a port wine?

Port is a fortified (stronger in alcohol content) sweet dessert wine. There are inexpensive domestic ports, and more expensive imported ports. The true ports are from Portugal.

Are Asti and Spumante the same thing?

An Asti is a sweet sparkling wine grown in the "Asti" region of Italy. If the grapes are grown elsewhere, the wine is called a Spumante. A sparkling wine created from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France is, of course, Champagne.

Are there wines without sulfites?

Sulfites (sulfur dioxide) are produced naturally during fermentation in very small quantities. Sulfur dioxide prevents wine from spoiling-turning to vinegar. It's an anti-oxident that keeps wine fresh and not affected by oxygen. White dessert wines have the most sulfur, followed by medium-sweet wines and blush wines. Dry white wines generally have less, and dry red wines have the least sulfites.